CASH Starter

This is our starter page for anyone who is interested in finding out about what CASH wants to achieve locally. Welcome!

CASH (Community Assets for Society & Housing) is a grassroots community project 100% run by local people who want to develop Community-Led Housing.

What does Community-Led Housing mean? It means that local people come together to develop housing and work places and run them themselves. Bringing local people together means we can create genuine social housing that’s safe, secure and a supportive environment for those living there.

Can it work? Yes! There are loads of people developing Community-Led Housing locally but also worldwide. There’s a couple of nice examples at the bottom of this page!

How can you start with CASH?

If you don’t know too much about Housing Co-ops or Community Land Trusts, don’t worry because we have a couple of ways that we will be happy to work with you to begin to talk about what these things are and why CASH wants to use these housing and land ownership models to provide genuinely affordable housing in the Lewisham, New Cross and Deptford areas.

You can get involved in CASH as an active member because, in the long term, you are interested in living in the housing CASH develops OR come and get involved because you like the sound of it and feel like you want to offer your time, skills, passions etc in an amazing community adventure!

Start here:

- Monthly Starter Meetings

CASH has regular Monthly Starter Meetings on the First Tuesday of each month at 7pm. These meetings are hosted by CASH members and are run specifically to hear from you and what interests you in the CASH community project. The meetings are also gentle introductions to CASH and our ideas about Community-Led Housing. Right now, these are online but soon we hope to be able to run face-to-face meetings again. These meetings are a good place to start!

- The CASH Friendship System

CASH has developed a Friendship System where we arrange with you for someone already involved in CASH to guide you through your questions, your ideas and your interest in CASH. Your CASH friend can remind you of meetings or CASH community workshops. Your CASH friend also is there to listen and learn from you too!

With the Friendship idea, you get to choose who might be the best friend for you. Would it be better for you to have a Friend who is just getting involved? Or is it better for you to be befriended by a CASH member who is long-term member involved in one of the working groups?
You also get to arrange with your friend HOW you want to be contacted and HOW OFTEN too. It’s a good way into understanding the CASH project and a space for you to ask questions and begin to get your say in CASH too.

To join in either the Starter Meetings or to join the CASH Friendship idea, you can contact CASH in the following numerous ways:

  • Email us using the form at our contact page.
  • 07459 752504 (Send text message or use WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal).

Write to us and we will get back in touch and chat and listen with you.

CASH also has the following social media where you can find out about news, upcoming meetings and CASH community events:

Community-Led Housing is Happening!

Just to show what is possible when we come together locally, here are two lovely examples of Community-Led Housing from the UK:

LILAC is co-housing community of 20 eco-build households in West Leeds. The homes and green spaces are managed by residents through a Mutual Home Ownership Society, a pioneering financial model that ensures permanent affordability.
CASH Starter

Hedgehog Co-op is a self-build for rent scheme in Brighton which was initiated in 1996 by four people in housing need. The housing project comprises 10 timber-frame homes & open green space.

CASH Starter