About Us

It is our active members who keep CASH projects moving! We embody multifaceted expertise spanning across community engagement, social sciences, architecture, engineering, finance and software development.

Document X

For more detailed version of what we are attempting to achieve please see our working strategy document we call Document X.

Working Groups

We organise in semi-autonomous working groups that report to general meetings every three weeks.


Reaching out to communities as well as building internal communication infrastructure to streamline processes by bringing people closer together, and faster. Establishing and maintaining strategic relationships with local communities and a wider movement.


Moulding radical and feasible architectural solutions. The group leads on site assessment and researching co-housing and other novel approaches to community living. In the future, the team will oversee the delivery of each project.


Nurturing responsibility and care in modelling possible futures as well as managing current CASH operations. Empowering members to embrace financial reality and make the most of it. Making complex accessible. Researching funding streams and overseeing CASH accounts.


Harnessing decision-making that originally emerged in CASH. Structuring sociocratic governance principles of CASH-native consent-based model. Devising and implementing policies & procedures with aspiration for unbiased workings within CASH. Ensuring CASH's actions are fair and transparent.


The people who receive your membership application! Inviting potential and welcoming new members to general meetings. Organically growing CASH's membership by connecting with people interested in responses to housing crisis more broadly. Ensuring open and responsible application review process. Always improving on onboarding to encourage meaningful membership engagement.

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If you want to make a difference in delivering housing as a fundamental human right, please apply to become a Member.

If you have any questions beforehand, do not hesitate to connect with us.