We are deeply grateful to all the initiatives that have come before us and assembled myriad of resources that cover all things community-led. We have been meticulously collecting books, reports and articles, which are available on our public cloud. In the same location you can also find the minutes from our meetings.

Seeking immediate support?

  • Age UK (For Lewisham and Southwark) - Providing older people with information to help with finances and legal matters, living conditions, and other issues. The services offered to you help to ensure your rights are upheld.

  • Coop Homes - Helping you obtain Housing Benefits to help pay your rent. If you are struggling to access this, the service will guide you in filling out your application.

  • Turn2us - A charity that can help you with financial aid. If you are struggling with rent and other finances, the charity helps you obtain benefits and grants to ease your financial struggles.

  • Shelter Legal (England and Wales) - Outlines the different types of Coop tenants and your rights within these different communities. If you are struggling with anything and need clarification on your rights within your Coop, this organisation can help you. You can also get help with finding accommodation! The organisation outlines the different steps you can take to find a room in one of the Coops.

  • Shelter CYMRU - If you are seeking accommodation for the night and need urgent help you can visit this webs page or call 0300 500 0914 to seek guidance! It is the responsibility of your Local Authority to help you find accommodation, especially during the COVID pandemic.

  • London Federation Of Housing Cooperatives - A forum for housing coops and different tenant-controlled housing to exchange knowledge, development, and experiences.

Post-Covid Neighbourhood

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If you are interested in sharing relevant resources, we would be happy to add them to the online library. Just get in touch.