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Document X

Shortly after we started CASH in 2019 we realised the need for a comprehensive expression of the CLT's vision. How were we going to create co-operative housing, work and social spaces in South-East London?

Crafting the vision through action

Despite having experience across different aspects of this huge challenge, the members of CASH knew we had lots to learn and discover together. We embarked on a journey where all elements of our effort had to work in tandem: what we aspire to, how we relate to each other and the wider community, how we make decisions and pursue housing developments. We needed to ‘build the vehicle while driving it’ and reach a place of clarity based on hands-on research.

With the help from Community Led Housing London we were able to gain access to experts who helped us select a promising site, estimate its capacity, create financing strategy and model various scenarios. The insights combined with our thirst to learn enabled us to document the process carefully and start shaping it into something we could share with all our stakeholders.

After a period of distilling and rewriting ‘Document X’, our strategy-action document, we are now ready to propose a way of making housing developments happen with our co-operative partners and the wider community.

We need your Support!

We are now assembling the text into a delightful booklet with diagrams and illustrations. We will print Document X and organise an event where various stakeholders can come together to discuss the practicalities of our ideas and forge partnerships to bring the shared vision into reality.

Document X mushrooms networks
Document X network

However, we need your help in delivering this vision!

Become CASH Supporter and donate to the costs of illustrating, printing and launching Document X at an event in a local venue. With the imminent launch there is no time to waste.

Your financial contribution will enable us to polish the design of Document X, print it and organise a launch event in our local community!

By becoming supporter you will join our newsletter and we will keep you up to date about our progress. Of course, you will be invited to Doc X launch and will also always be welcome to come and participate in our meetings!

Since we started CASH we have connected with many inspiring groups and individuals and we would like to thank everyone who contributed to the maturing of CASH, particularly in the most challenging times during the pandemic. The perseverance of these people really does prove that there are better ways of doing things, ones that inspire and support each other's resilience. Let's move co-operative community-led housing work to the next phase together!

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