Statement of support for PTHC

Plum Tree Housing Co-operative are a wonderful group of people who met when they became Guardians of the old children’s home site, 49 Russell Hill Road, Purley, owned by Croydon Council.

Originally managed by Camelot, who went in to liquidation in November 2019 after one of a series of legal cases against them, the 12 occupants came together to form Plum Tree Housing Co-operative. Their vision is to become the managers of the site, as a short life housing co-op, rather than sign up with Camelot’s successors, Watchtower.

As CASH follows their, at times arduous, journey to a better solution, one that is people- and community-based, we reach out to them with any knowledge and support that might be helpful.

Your action is important!

Please sign their petition here:

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You can also get in touch with them via email at