Work opportunity: Experienced Outreach and Research Coordinator

Community Assets for Society and Housing (CASH) are looking for an Experienced Outreach and Research Coordinator. Apply now!

Term: Part-time from March to June; 120 hours over 15 weeks, approximately 8hrs/week
Fee: £1,500
Application deadline: 14th February 2020

We are a collaborative co-operative initiative seeking to secure housing, working and social spaces by keeping them in the ownership of the local community in perpetuity. CASH was founded by housing co-operative members, other local residents and community activists, bringing together personal and professional experience to establish a Community Land Trust.

CASH Outreach and Research are overlapping tasks with the purpose of learning about local people’s understanding of co-operatives and inviting them to take part in them. Our outreach is a multi-way process through which information-sharing about co-operatives can happen at the same time as rethinking what cooperatives can be. This research is less about systematic investigation by a professional, but creating situations in which we can collectively understand how co-operatives are currently seen within our communities and what they can become, i.e. tools for securing housing, working and social spaces for our communities in the long term.

In order to carry out these activities in the best possible way CASH has designated the planning and delivery of Outreach and Research to a working group. CASH now has the funding for three paid roles within this group. The Experienced Coordinator will be responsible for leading on the planning, delivery and analysis of Outreach and Research activities, but will be working in collaboration with the other two coordinators.

You will be expected to deliver as follows:

  • Attend CASH General meetings (3-weekly on Saturdays).
  • March: lead on the initial design of the whole process which should be done by early April.
  • April until end May: coordinate and lead participatory workshops as well as door-to-door and other “stall-based” outreach activities.
  • By the end of June: lead on the collation and analysis of data and share it with CASH in an easily understandable form.

Some work will be undertaken at evenings and weekends.

The successful applicant will need to be self-employed and have the legal right to work in the UK.

Essentials Desirables
- Have experience in conducting participatory action research -Experience of working with community led projects
- Have experience of project management and co-ordinating volunteers -Experience of working in a team and remotely
- Good organisational and IT skills -Knowledge of housing legislation
- Confident and self-directed - Local to South East London
- Good interpersonal skills -Experience of living in a housing co-op or shared housing
- Willing to travel across South East London -Experience of workers co-ops or collectives
- Able to work from home, some evenings and weekends
- Access to internet and own computer and telephone (expenses to be agreed)
- Knowledge of housing and or working co-ops
- Knowledge of housing issues in SE London

Please get in touch with us if this role sounds right for you. Just send us an email (max 500 words) on briefly explaining why would like to become our Experienced Coordinator and why you think you would be good at it. If we think you might be the right person we will invite you to have a chat with us in February. We will let you know if your application does not get taken forward.

Deadline (14th February 2020) is around the corner, apply now!

Looking forward to hearing from you and engaging with the local community together.

Graphic source: Giorgio Talocci