CASH Community Chat Corner

We want to talk to more members of our community and discuss stuff that's happening in the area. This is also an opportunity for you to get involved in CASH, ask any questions you might have and meet some of our members over a friendly chat.

Tune in every first Tuesday of the month at 7pm, you'll find the zoom link (for now) or the physical location (hopefully in the very near future) under the Connect tab!

We had our first session tonight, we discussed how it would be great if people would have an actual choice over their living situation. It feels like most of the time, it's the same apartment layout, the same materials for buildings, the same of everything....

Someone mentioned this interesting website Diggers and Dreams that collects intentional communities from around the UK - places where it's really not the same old same old! They have an event this Thursday evening, go check them out if you have the time

Or come to the next CASH Community Corner to chat about what we can do in SE London with this aim :)

Good night!