Recirculating Rent in Co-operatives

CASH was invited by Community-led Housing London (CLH) to be a part of a three day conference Doing Housing Differently - Communities and industry shaping London for the better in November 2020. Together with Nic Bliss (CCH), Jane Brenan and Gina Betteridge (Brockley Tenants Co-op), and Matina Theodoropoulou (Sanford Housing Co-op & CASH) we sat on the panel themed ‘Recirculating rent in co-operatives’.

Leonie Weber presented the work of CASH, focusing on the ongoing site search and financial modelling, our strategy for which we have described in a previous article. Other speakers offered their uniquely refreshing perspectives and a vibrant discussion followed. The live recording of the short presentations and the inspiring discussion is now available to watch on the CLH website.

We encourage you to explore other sessions from the conference, which cover a broad range of critical considerations for enabling community-led housing to flourish, on both a local and national level. As the organisers put it:

“This is about residents partnering with industry to take control of the decisions that matter to them and developing viable housing models that are publicly supported, democratically controlled and with the benefits protected in the long-term."

All of the Doing Housing Differently sessions are available to watch on the CLH website.